Radio broadcast on 100.0 after sunset

Discussion in 'Radio Chatter' started by Anonymous, Mar 12, 2018.


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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    Anyone who happens to go through the radio frequencies after sunset may catch a radio transmission on frequency 100.0. The signal is the strongest in the White Horse Creek. The voice on the radio is that of a young female and during the transmit she keeps her voice low and at times hushed.

    "Is.. Is this thing on? Hello? Yo.. I.. I think we're on..."

    She clears her throat and after a small pause she speaks.


    "Hey everyone who's here and has their ears working overtime now that the sun is down. I know there's not much to do in the dark so I'll use this epic chance to share -our- discoveries about these... "Infected".. So! Let's start.

    What if these "infected" aren't really people anymore? Now, now.. Bare with me, dudes and the rest. I hear you asking and shoutin' already and if you are - stop. Be quiet or they'll come! Anyway.. Shit, I'm high. They aren't really people anymore because they are, wait for it, -Vampires-! It all makes sense! Back in the days before this outbreak they existed in the underground of our society and like parasites they lived like that for ages but recently for reasons totes' unknown they infected almost everyone with their vampirism and they started to run out of blood to sustain themselves so they started to starve and with starvation they turned more into animals.

    They are weak, slow and hella' fragile in the sunlight because, duh, sun is their mortal enemy. They are so weakened by the sun that they are unable to actually function besides basic actions like shamble along and try to find some juicy neck or any other body part to suck on and at night they are as strong as they can be.

    Now I bet you're wondering why they don't open doors and shit if they're vampires? Starvation! They've been starving for so long that pure animalistic instinct has overcome them and they'd sooner bash down the door than simply open it. You can barely keep ahead of them and if you are bleedin' then say your prayers because they will stalk you all night! I saw this in action and how they are drawn to blood like flies to sugar water. That's why you could like, uh.. Break their legs, arms, shoot them in the guts and they'll keep coming... -Because they're vampires-! Like you totally have to jab them in the heart with a wooden or silver stake or like cut off their head or totally bash their vamp' brains in.

    This is totally like in that movie Daybreakers only without human cattle they've all gone and turned into savages. Stay safe out there, dudes and keep a stake close at all times and try not to bleed near them. It makes those vamps' crazy.

    From temple of shadow with love. God.. What a stupid na-.."

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Where is Blade when you need him?
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