Alive Rafael García

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Alex12, Apr 21, 2018.

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  1. Alex12

    Alex12 Member

    Apr 5, 2017
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    Rafael García
    General Information
    Full name:José Rafael García Torres
    Alias:Raf, "Chicano"
    Height:5.74 ft (1.75 m)
    Weight:158.8 lb (72.5 kg)
    Blood type:O+
    Languages:Spanish and english
    Personal Information
    Date of birth:born 7/14/1997
    Former occupation:Mongol prospect
    Actual occupation:Scout, hunter/trapper
    Former Group Affiliation: Mongols // Pathfinder Unit
    Actual Group Affiliation:The NEZ
    Civil Status:In a relation

    Appearance and other information:
    A young hispanic man in his early twenties, he is a little taller than the average mexican, standing at 5.74 ft. Has brown eyes. His body is a little slim compare to others but over time has grown somewhat strong. Has a small beard that has grown over time, and his hair has grown a little, still somewhat short. His accent when speaking english has evolved over time, could be confused as an American, with little mistakes in general. He still keeps his mexican accent when speaking spanish.

    He can be seen wearing an Army Combat Uniform(ACU) or a Battle Dress Uniform(BDU), mostly due to it's usefulness out in the wild and the field. His old Pathfinder patch was added to it later on. It reads: "Pathfinder - García".

    A patient man by nature, willing to help those he trust. A little distant, but quite friendly once he feels comfortable with new people. He sees things from a rather cold and rational way, trying to not get carried away by his or others emotions. Altough he usually cares about others emotions and general well-beign, he tends to give it less weight compare to experience(both his and others experience).

    Recent events:
    After a long journey from Chicago to Hartsdale, and from there to Fairhaven, he joined the group of the coumpound(and almost got kill in the process, twice), where he found the closest thing to a home, or at least a safe place. After a while he joined in the plan to escape by helicopter.

    After getting shot down by the army, and fortunately(for him) getting out of the crash with a few cuts, bruises and a headache, he ended up in quarantine... Or as he put it "a cage". Which he planned to escape, biding his time for the right moment. The idea for him was less about freedom, and more about getting answers.

    Few days later, after a breach in security. Adamson came with them, and give him an offer too good to turn down: in exchange for risking his life once more, and with luck, cheat death in the process, he will get out for a time, to King's Mill, also known as the Dead Zone... And of course he accepted this death sentence: Pathfinder.
    Once they arrived, problems in the area started to be clear: Mongols are stronger than before, robbers were around, some infected mutated in horrible and inhuman forms. And a "friend" from King and Frankie showed up: Jake Rouge.

    Having seen the man before, and knowing a little bit that the man could be dangerous. He was catious, aiming at the man once he saw Jake near the base, but let him go in peace. Next morning, the guy showed up, aiming him, Frankie and Hammer with a Benelli.

    After a talk with Nora, that went pretty badly, they pretty much stay out of each other business. At first, while he tried to push Nora to give him answers and talk everything, he at the end found it to be a losing battle, so he decided to give up and just let her be.

    After the Mongols came with a peace offer that offered him a moment of relief, the woman accused him to be a unstable man at the edge of suicide if front of Hammer.
    After weeks of doing nothing worth mentioning. Things started to move in the base. As he for the first time had to kill a man. And with Nora's suicide, things had changed for the man. Thankfully for him, Jonathan Walsh, aka Hammer supported him during this times.

    With no answer from the Dam in the last weeks, he feels that soon the question of King's Mill will be answered: either they have been abandoned by the Dam, or soon they'll be deployed.

    At the end, an answer came... A team o the best possible fighters: Hammerhead, Timofei, Rondney, David, Locke and him where sent to King's Mill. They were sent to hell... Under a deep, green fog and rain, they moved forward. Looking for their prey: Baez, or rather, whatever Baez mutated into. After his capture, he was sent back to the Dam. The mission ended up being a success, no casualties.
    After a brief celebration, they were assinged a new(and last) mission: Plant a device of sorts, details were classified, but anyone with some sense of the situation could guess correctly that they were going to plant a bomb. Due to some problems, it had to be manually triggered. Taking heavy casualties.

    After a successful mission, they went back to the Dam, against Adamson's orders. Thanks to Adamson's disregard in the security department, Baez escaped, making in the process the biggest breach possible.

    After barely escaping and with the complete destruction of the Dam, and the quarantine line gone, an open future lays ahead. He's sit in the chopper, looking out the window. Counting the few left from the mission, his blessings... And bullets left.
    After two days in the air, he arrived in Port Falmouth. There,after a long ride and being knocked out in process of escaping a big horde in the middle of the night. He got shelter in Stonepoint Mansion.

    After some time of exploring, and getting to know the area. Rumors started circulating about the Mongols setting up a base way north, along with former members of Pathfinder.

    One night, the Mongols showed up in Stonepoint Mansion, an offer was made: surrender a man by the name Jack Miller to keep the truce. Or risk open conflict. At the end, the former was chosen.

    After a brief encounter with Nefertiti, both him and Arthur decided to surrender her to the Mongols. The reason being that she was a fugitive of this group. Securing in the process both peace, and maybe even an ally.

    Even with the good will of the Mongols secured, and when Nefertiti, also known as Luna got out alive. And Miller's alive too. Tensions grow in the mansion. Rafael, being one of the few who insist in the search of a peaceful solution is under suspicion of espionage. Seen his loyalty put into question, he starts considering two options: continue the search of peace on his own, or go to war with and against fellow comrades.

    A chance for peace(at least, peace for those who wish to not be involved) may have arrived: the creation of neutral ground between the two groups. For the time being, Rafael has plans to make the zone just an "economic neutral zone", with little involment between the two groups beyond simple trade until he and the rest decides what's going to be their "foreign policy".

    Tensions grow even more. With a robbery by Mongol hands, the news of Arthur's dead being hidden from him, and the idea of Arthur being executed by firing squad. Raf decided to finally cut ties from the manor, and move to a more peaceful place... If there's such luxury around.
    After a short stay with what used to be the NEZ. Rafael predicted that eventually someone was going to come, and as he predicted: fighting was not an option unless they wanted a massacre. After learning that Rodney set him up, along with the girls in the NEZ. Rafael decided to take Monty's offer, under one condition: leave them alone, and don't shed innocent's blood... Aware of how naive that request is.

    After a long day, a beat up, being accused of selling the girls for his own safety. And a rather annyoing prospect. Rafael suffered a car accident, a shard of glass managed to cut deep into his liver. After a long drive in the search of medical help, he passed out due to lost of blood... After a never ending nightmare, he woke up. The pain he suffered later on once the effect of the morphine weared off, proof of him being alive... For now.

    Incapacitated and out of the field, his time can be summarized like this: "Being in pain or high on morphine. Chatting. Staring at the ceiling. Being depress. Hungry. Thirsty."

    As he slowly recovers, and finally manages to get up of bed on his own, he decided to make contact with old friends. And as he predicted, he's no longer welcome. Even when his old friends want him dead or away, he'll make sure of their safety by all means possible.

    The shadow of war looms ever closer, as people asks for Rodney's head in an attempt to get justice. Backed only by circumstantial evidence... Now is just a matter of time until they get an answer, until they know whether or not they go to war.

    Tensions grow higher, there're talks of war, rumors about dissidents among the manor... Yet among all this mess, Rafael finds some comfort south. As relations grow, and what some call love(others "ask for a broken heart") blooms, people starts to worry about his well being. And some try to convince the man to leave the matter of Rodney... Even when he rather not.

    And without making much noise, he leaves the Mongols. And with a small goodbye to Jon, closes this chapter, now living a(hopefully) peaceful life... "Build a house by the river, marry some gal and have kids"...
    After settling down in a quiet place, away from the city and thus: the two main groups. He decided to live with Alex, who has become his lover. During this time he decided to become a trapper and hunter. Leaving most of the non prerishable food for winter and trading. Mostly staying out of everyone's picture... Sort of.

    Sadly for him and Alex, it was not to last. As the man didn't feel the same as Alex, in other words: love... Learning of this overtime. To add salt to the wound, after a short time spent with Natalia, it rekindled the love he felt for her... Yet sadly, his opinion about the Mongols, and his steadfast attitude towards such opinions ended being rewarded with hate. With Miller's suicide; and as the door closes, only one thought rests in his mind: Keep marching forward, and do amends with both Alex, and Natalia... As unlikely as that is.
    A letter's read, and the rifle's settle in a table. A soft gumble comes out. "- Six magazines for the rifle... Two for the pistol". He leaves the pistol as the soft light of a fire illuminates his face. Monty leads the Mongols now, Jon, Paul and Harrison probably murdered by the man. And if not, his deeds are reason enough to fear and hate the man...
    "Things fall apart... The center cannot hold..."
    Clouds of smoke raises in the distance, and the echo of gun fire can be heard. The light emited by a fire reflected by the smoke. An orange and red gleam reflected against the dark clouds, yelling comes from the distance, screaming breaks the calm night as the man gets near to pick up a new friend...
    "...Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed..."
    The column smoke raises in front of him, tall, almost as it was touching the sky. Inside the hell he enters, the fires burning his skin, the smoke killing his lungs. Nothing can be seen, except for faint silhouettes. Friend or foe? Does it matter for a man hellbent in revenge?... Fire and smokes cover an old home and a prision. Heaven and hell, a place to rest and a place to fear... He walks around the very familiar corridors, finger on the trigger, bayonet ready... There's nothing that compares to the sensation of a knife entering a man's neck... Hard, yet soft... "- So it's war then..."
    "...The ceremony of innocence is drowned..."
    The smoke clears, only ruins remain. the charred skeletons of memories, men and material lay in the ground. The stench of burnt meat, wood, metal and plastic permeate the place... Good or evil, old friend or rival, saint or sinner... All that's left is more ashes, more dust, more disappointment.
    "...The best lack all conviction, while the worst..."
    The last of the bodies is identified... A recount's made...
    Then another one, and another one... Several times until he finally gives up in the search, as the conclusion is just the same, over, and over again, "... He is missing..." The man tells the rest of the scout party.
    "... Are full of passionate intensity."
    Deep in the woods, a campfire lits a group of 4 men, all of them hunters. A shadowy figure shows in the treeline, the men raising their rifles... Then relaxed as they recognize the man. They share greetings, a bitter drink and a few jokes. Until the older of the bunch refers to the new comer. "So, how's stuff doin' over that place?" A moment of silent comes, then the newcomer explains. "Last leader died, we're in the process of restructuring." A small laugh comes from one of the hunters, who is quickly silenced by a hit in the back of the head "You're never bored huh?" The old man would tell him, looking down the young's man rifle. "You think that's for the better?". Silence again, then an answer. "We'll see... No man rules alone anyways."
    A morning, rain pours down... A paper is given. A storm is coming like no other, the horrors from King's Mill will arrive to Falmouth soon. Uncertanty fills people's hearths, fear and doubts of survival. Preparations are made, now... They're on a wing and a prayer.




    Carved in the right side of the lower receiver: "Мы сражаемся вместе, мы выживаем вместе, мы умираем вместе".
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Relations(here, cuz whatever.)

    - Close thing to family. Mentor. Head of security. Killed.

    - Rough in the outside, soft-ish in the inside. Drug adict, drunk. Has me thinking.

    - Looks innocent, she's not. Speaks a lot of stuff she knows nothing about. Devout orthodox. Has me thinking.

    - Old friend, has lost too much people. Growing cold.

    - We aren't that different. Good man, has dealt with a lot. Unstable. Taking a gamble with him.

    - Leader of the NEZ. Golden heart. Good hunter.

    - Great man, tends to panic easily. Mongol, Nilda's secretary. I respect the man. Father.

    - Sweet woman. Girlfriend. Has a "friendly" relation with Nilda.

    - Good girl, shy. Long and complicated past, guess we putted aside our differences.

    - Friend, good fella. Little on the hermit side, I guess we have that in common.
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    Loving this character so far.
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    Thank you :D
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    Is there a middle ground I can also enjoy? Joking, still loving this character. I appreciate that you managed to log the interactions throughout the road ahead lore. Major credit for that.
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