Reginald "Reggie" Kray

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Mar 4, 2019.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Reginald "Reggie" Lee
    Current OccupationFurniture Designer / Manufacturer / Sales
    Former OccupationEx Boxing Champion
    TypeWhite British
    LikesFitness, Socialising, Playing chess, Boxing, Money, Cars, Women
    HateReading, Drugs, Slobs, Stuck up people, Cyclists

    The Lee's Bio

    Reggie was born 3 minuets after his brother Ronnie. he spent his days growing up in Hampshire, England. Reggie and his brother were always known as the "cool kids" within the town they lived in as they were both athletic and Reggie was an upcoming leader in youth boxing, his brother Ronnie was an athletic sprinter which also grew a lot of attention whilst growing up. the brothers are inseparable but each had their own quirks.

    From infants, their favourite game was trying to convince their mother that they were each other but she never fooled for it and always clocked on who was who. Their Father Simon Lee, was always away in Astoria, Oregon where he had been branching out the family carpentry business, He always called it our "friends across the pond". Not that the brothers understood what that meant until at a later age when they sort the fortunes and adventure of moving abroad. Since Simon (Their Father) was always away from the family, his absence in their life further tightened the brothers bond. they attended the same school and the same classes and they were well known with the schools head master for all the wrong reasons.

    The twins both took a big interest in sports Ronnie took a big shine to running track where as his brother loved putting his fists to work in boxing. Each brother was seeking a professional carear in sports and were determined to succeed. Years on both their dreams were within grasp Ronnie offered a position to join the rising stars of the next Olympic GB running team, and Reggie had just won his county's amateur boxing middle weight championship.

    However in 2006 one piece of news had brought their dreams to an abrupt halt. Their father Simon Lee had been murdered in cold blood over a drunken row just two days in to his annual visit back to the united kingdom. Worried for their mother who was solely depending on the income of the family business after a car accident that left her unable to work, said goodbye to their life and dreams in the UK and set off to Astoria, Oregon to take over where their father left off.
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