Alive Rivka Pekarsky (רבקה פקרסקי.)

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Apr 2, 2018.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Rivka Pekarsky
    About Her
    NameRivka Pekarsky
    Gender Female
    LanguagesHebrew and Russian
    Social Information
    Date of Birth1996
    Place of BirthTel Aviv
    Marital StatusMarried
    Moral CompassLawful Good
    Personal SexualityHeterosexual
    Current OccupationMedic
    Former OccupationIDF Conscript
    Current StatusAlive

    רבקה פקרסקי Rivka Pekarsky is a current survivor of the New Dawn 'The Road Ahead' Lore. Rivka appears to be in her early twenties with brown coloured hair and equally brown eyes. Rivka wears for the most part her IDF battledress uniform with a pair of brown boots shined immaculate for formal occasions and a red beret. Due to travelling from Israel to the United States, Rivka does not possess any other clothing. Rivka Pekarsky was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1996 during the Israeli-Palestine conflict of Israel that began in 1948 and is still ongoing today.

    The conflict was fought over the land controlled by Arab Palestinians and the people of the only Jewish state and because of that, mandatory conscription was in effect since three years after the Second World War. Every fit man and woman would be put into conscription to help the Israeli Defense Force defend their land at whatever the cost. Rivka would be a part of that conscription in 2014 when she turned eighteen.

    Rivka never really went to school because Palestinians always had something to say about it, with their ideology that all women shouldn't have the right to an education. Her conscription service lasted two years part of their mandatory state and Rivka went onto become an auxilliary nurse, treating the wounded IDF soldiers and prisoners of the Palestine in her spare time. Rivka in general never really saw any combat since most of her time was spent in a tent in Northern Tel-Aviv. Her service was relatively bland though she did see some relatively horrific wounds, such as missing limbs and gunshot wounds that she couldn't exactly treat.

    Rivka left the IDF in 2014 and spent most of her time working in the African Refugee Development Center for Syrian, Jordanian and Palestinian refugees, offering what limited medical attention that she could actually provide for people until the year of 2017. After she had saved up enough money and put out her profile on a mail order bride website and awaited for some matches. In Early 2018, Rivka got her wish and an American born Jew named Adam made her an offer she couldn't exactly refuse. The United States. More specifically, Illinois, where he was working as a stock broker out there.

    On the way to Illinois however, Rivka got caught in a traffic jam during a long distance uber ride and all hell broke loose. Rivka started by surviving with her Uber driver until her disappeared later on and was put in an awful position at that point, since she didn't have google translate with her at all times. Until now, Rivka has been spending her time moving from group to group attempting to fit in within their community, trading medical supplies and the like for medical services.

    Eventually, Rivka makes her big break. It is quite a difficult task writing down what she thinks words sound like, then phonetically saying them and looking them up in a Hebrew-English dictionary, though Rivka somehow makes it work. It may take her a little bit but she's at least trying her very best.
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    U.S. M1 Garand (R.O.E aka 'The Doughboy')

    "The Revolution of Europe (R.O.E) is a United States M1 Garand that is currently owned by Rivka Pekarsky. The weapon was found on the corpse of an infected individual in Kingsmill by the woman herself and has been her trusty main weapon since retrieval. The weapon itself was created on the 27th of August, 1943 and has the serial number 1739104. All of the parts are genuine and the weapon later seen service in military parades in the United States."
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  3. Anonymous

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    Added a few more details just for viewing pleasure and all.
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