Robin Larson

Discussion in 'Biography' started by Anonymous, Sep 9, 2017.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Robin Larson
    Biographical Information
    OccupationPolice Officer
    More Information
    LikesThe Law, Jesus, Baseball
    HatesCriminals, Alcohol, People who talk at the theatre
    Misc TriviaBest known for his winning smile

    His Grandparents "Grandma and Grandpa raised me. I swear I'll do right by them."
    His Left Hand "So. The hand I cut off in a horrific torture game has come back to life with a will of its own. Just another day in Ashwood Cove. I don’t know what to make of it. Is it an unholy abomination? Or is it just a part of me? I think… I think I’ll accept it for now. Maybe with time, we’ll become whole again somehow."
    Chief Little"I knew very little of the man before his promotion, and I know very little of him now. I have no reason to doubt him. I think he’s a good person."
    "He tells me he's willing to reinstate me to patrol officer if I can pass the physical exams despite my disability. He is putting a lot of faith into me, but I have no intention of letting him down."
    "Taken by the shadow creature, same as I was. I respect him for fighting against that unjust imprisonment, though his fire lane control was worrisome."
    Sergeant Mullholland"A gruff man, but the type you can depend on. The station relies on his experience and sheer presence. There's much I can learn from him. I think he's a good person."
    "He’s made decisions that I question. He’s an unyielding man, to be sure, and occasionally stretches the limits of what the law allows. I cannot say I have absolute faith in him as I might have before, but no man is perfect. He was under investigation for the death of a criminal being apprehended, but that is a very real possibility that all officers must face. I imagine Internal Affairs’ investigation into those moments will not be anywhere near as intense as his own."
    Officer Collins"I haven't worked much personally with him, but it can't be easy taking on the brunt of the day shift's madness. I can respect him for that, if nothing else. I think he's a good person."
    "There’s no other way to say it. He saved my life in that station shootout. I would be dead if it were not for this man, and it very nearly cost him his own life to do it. I owe him."
    "I’m told he’s shown signs of aggression. Lashing out. One hardly has to wonder why, given what he experienced. We all charged into that firefight, but few bled in defense of the station so much as he did. I hope we can get him the help he needs to recover."
    Officer Mircea"I work with him on night shift on occasion. From what I've seen, he's a textbook officer. Likely there will come a situation where I'll be trusting him with my life, and I have no reservations about that day. I think he's a good person."
    "Mircea is drawing a lot of criticism by civilians for not believing in the supernatural. For ignoring calls about demons and ghosts. People call him uncaring. Corrupt. I’ve never seen anything to that effect. He’s always been diligent in his duties, if unyielding. He’s a practical man for whom the rumors of the supernatural are not enough to allay his doubts. A reasonable man acts upon evidence, and Mircea is nothing if not a reasonable man in an increasingly unreasonable world."
    Officer Steele"She’s… my replacement, I suppose. I can’t say it doesn’t hurt, knowing that she’ll be taking over my duties. Out there on the streets protecting people while I’m relegated to a desk. I don’t hold that against her, though. If anything, that makes us kindred spirits. I know the kind of hardships she’ll be facing, and I’ll be offering every bit of help I can provide for her to overcome them. I think she’s a good person."
    "Kim’s an even kinder soul than I had first thought. More than once, she’s offered her assistance as I fumble through some daily task that I wouldn’t have thought twice about a month ago, but never does it feel like pity. I’d say it’s more a respect and open acceptance that I’m not sure I deserve. I would almost joke that she’s become my left hand these last few days of working together. When I heard she needed a place to stay, it felt only natural to offer my home."
    Officer Barnes"I don’t know much of her, but there’s no quicker way to know a person than to be thrust into a situation where your lives depend on each other. I hope she knows what she’s getting into. I think she’s a good person."
    "She cracked under pressure. Admittedly, it was a lot of pressure, but she'll need to strengthen her resolve because I have no doubts the worst is yet to come."
    Officer Riley"I’m not sure I’ve seen him around more than twice. I suppose he must be part of the highway detail to spend so much time away from the station. I think he’s a good person."
    Chief Bennett"He works harder than anyone at the station. I just hope he understands how important he is. People are scared. They need a figure of strength to trust in right now. I think he's a good person."
    "He broke procedure and state law in going to the media. I don't know what he was thinking, but he put every case this department has ever worked into jeopardy. I can't understand the reasoning behind his actions, and now that he's missing I may never get the chance to ask. I still hope he's a good person, but I can't help but feel betrayed."
    The Nine
    Miss Norah"Friendly faces and friendly words aren't uncommon for a bartender, but hers feel very genuine. She's got a strength to her that's downright admirable, and she doesn't back down for anything. I think she's a good person."
    "She was called down to the station on Wendy's behalf to talk about the girl being drunk in the bar in the dead of night with a boy. I expected a 'thank you, officer, but I'll handle this at home' and a wave farewell. That was absolutely not the reaction I received. I don't hold it against her, though. Maybe she's a little more protective than most. Strange times, after all."
    "I’m told her end in that wretched place was even more horrible than my own, though she too was brought back. Why would someone take an innocent woman like her? Why put her through this ordeal? What purpose could there possibly be to inflicting this pain? And what’s more, what purpose is there to bringing the dead back? What do they want from us? I hope that Norah’s revival was less agonizing than my own, and that she manages to escape whatever part the creatures that did this intend for her to play."
    Miss Arina"She's got a foul mouth, but I think that's just for show. She seemed caring and helpful, if a little too playful for my comfort. Maybe a little rough around the edges, but I'm not one to judge. I think she's a good person."
    "...yeah, I seem to have had her pegged from day one. A lovely lady with a somewhat abrasive sense of humor."
    "I didn’t know what I was walking into when I answered that call. A dying man with Arina standing above him. The barrel of a gun pointed at me. A sharp pain in the back of my head, and then blackness. When I woke in that hellish maze and saw her again, all I could think of was how she was helping those murderers. She was the reason I was here. The reason I was in so much pain. The reason why my arm ended in a stump that meant I would never be an officer again. She took my life from me. I felt betrayed. Anguished. Furious. It was only as the bombs surrounding us ticked down towards zero that I realized what I had to do. I remembered that a conflicted soul such as hers was most in need of saving. That if I was even half the man I was raised to be, I wouldn’t think twice to do what’s right. So I made my choice. With my last seconds of life, I forgave her. Protected her. Gave her a second chance."
    "Do you know how embarrassing it is to heroically and nobly sacrifice yourself to save a woman, and then wake up naked and screaming in front of her? Well, now I do. Anyhow, I learned that Arina made a deal of sorts. A life for a life to bring back Ander Snoop from the dead, however such an act could be brought about. While I feel for the sorrow that led her to that decision, the blood of an innocent man is on her hands. A life she had no right to take. She must serve the sentence for her crimes, but it is the burden on her soul I worry for. I pray she has a chance to make amends for what she has done."
    "I've seen the camera footage of her being taken from her very cell. Stolen away by shadows that murdered another man in cold blood. A man's blood decorates our cell block, but hers does not. What importance does she have for them? What purpose does she serve? I search for answers just as I search for her. I find nothing."
    "How can she be so calm on this island? The shadows must have taken her here just as they took me, which means we know this 'Trickster' is a murderous creature with absolutely no respect for our lives. But she seems relaxed. Carefree. Does she remember nothing of the last time the people of this town were abducted and forcibly sent to a place beyond their control? Does she remember nothing of my death? Maybe... maybe I was wrong about her."
    Miss Blake"I knew of her, and maybe even exchanged pleasantries once or twice, but I never knew much about her before the ordeal. She stepped up in place of others, which I find admirable. We were told she perished, but she dropped by the station just yesterday with a baked gift for the officers. I don’t know for sure if she died that night, but considering my situation I can hardly be skeptical. I should take this as a second chance to get to know the woman. I think she’s a good person."
    Agent Novak"I honestly know next to nothing about what the federal agents were doing here in Ashwood Cove. I saw them rarely, and moments where they discussed any sort of information at all were rarer still. Maybe a patrol officer was too low on the totem pole to warrant her attention, but it engenders little trust to work with someone who plays their cards so closely to their chest. I guess she’s probably a good person."
    "It doesn’t take a detective to recognize why the station was attacked. Ander Snoop was here, speaking to Agent Novak, and that brought the wrong kind of attention to our door. If we’d known, if we’d been told, if we’d had any kind of information shared with us at all, maybe we wouldn’t have been caught so horribly off-guard."
    "So this is where her investigation has led: the same nightmarish situation as the rest of us. We were told Novak died in that pit. Maybe she did. I wonder what she will do now with her life. I wonder what her greater influence and connections are capable of with this newfound knowledge. She seems to be on the side of the department, but I wonder why a federal agent has not brought the full fury of the United States government down on those that would imprison and torture her."
    "She asks questions of me. Of what I remember. Of what I am. All while adamantly denying her own situation. She may or may not have died that night, but she surely came back changed. I don't know which prospect is less appealing."
    "Abduction buddies again. We could start a club. At least she is somewhat concerned with the situation, though she advises only caution. I cannot accept that. I cannot accept being whisked away for some creature's amusement. I would rather fight, even if fighting meant nothing. I would rather die, even if death is no escape."
    Jesse Violet"Why bring a child into this? I hardly knew Jesse before, other than for a few times youth and impulsiveness naturally led to trouble. To be forced into a situation like those ordeals at such a young age. I don’t know what happened to him that night. I hope he made it through in better shape than I did. I think he’s a good person."
    Arthur Lewis"A local teacher taken along with the rest of us. He showed a great amount of concern for the rest of us, even volunteering to risk his life on our behalf. Losing Novak and Blake seemed to hit him hard. I don’t know how he made it out of there, but I hope he’s doing okay. I think he’s a good person."
    "Talking to him lately, I feel that Arthur is becoming... unstable. Difficult to say that in a town where the ravings of any streetcorner madman may yet come true, but his is a different flavor of madness. He knows too much, or he thinks he knows too much. Either way, it's breaking him."
    Sonny"I was hesitant when I first saw this man. I’d never seen him before in my life until this nightmare, so introductions were naturally a bit strained. However, he was willing to put himself in harm’s way numerous times for the benefit of the group, and his medical skills came in handy more than once. He’s still something of a mystery to me, but I trust he has the well-being of others at heart. I think he’s a good person."
    "The mystery surrounding this man only deepens with time. He’s supposedly homeless, yet he has powerful friends and a vast array of skills. I’m told he’s leading the charge against the supernatural threats, so to speak, with mystical rituals and the like. I’ve also witnessed his personal medical laboratory, and I’m fair certain some of that equipment costs more than my house. So we have a complete stranger show up just as we need him most, with all the abilities and knowledge we so desperately need. There’s a saying about what looks too good to be true, and I’m not sure I believe in gifts from God anymore."
    Jake"He sells drugs to children. I don’t know what choices led him down this path in life, but he is clearly a man in need of direction. I don’t have high hopes that the correctional system will straighten him out, but there’s little more I can do about it. I doubt he’s a good person."
    "The two of us woke up in a room, chained to a wall, with a bonesaw and a directive that if we did nothing we would perish. My choice was obvious from the first minute, though I do wonder if I don’t blame him a little for not stepping up. I don’t regret my decision, though. He may be a drug dealer, but he’s a human being who deserves the fair rule of law and not this twisted mockery of a trial."
    Miss Wylla"Provider of caffiene, may she forever walk in God's good graces. Her interests are a bit grim, but she's got a good heart. It's encouraging that she's opening up, but the hesitation in which she does so suggests a past experience she didn't deserve. I think she's a good person."
    "Haven't seen her manning the mart since the... unpleasantness. Sure hope she's all right. Nobody deserves to have that kinda trauma standing over them. Wish there was more I could do."
    "I like Wylla. I even consider her a friend, and Lord knows I could use a few. But she needs help. The kind I'm not qualified to provide. The weight of stress she's been under... it's not healthy for anyone. There's no shame in needing a helping hand."
    "My own words come back to haunt me, as if I didn’t have enough haunting me already. After the shootout at the station, I was… far from okay. Still am. She was there for me, to offer that helping hand. It’s the people who’ve been hurt the worst that are most likely to help another person in pain. They know that road. They don’t want to see anyone else walk it."
    "I think I remember her visiting me, while I was at the hospital. Those days are clouded for me, as torn up as I was, but even if it was just a dream I remember her bringing me a great sense of peace. How could she be so happy to see me, knowing that I’d failed? That I broke my promise?"
    "She was there, when we returned from wherever the Trickster had sent us. Dropped unceremoniously onto the street like so many toys from a child's bag. I knew if anyone had been near to the point I was at-with a finger on the trigger-and lived to tell about it, it was her. So I gathered up all the faith I had remaining and asked. I asked for help. She came through. Maybe sometimes faith really is rewarded."
    Miss Wendy"Ah, to be young again. Well, I'm barely six years older than her, but I can recognize teenage rebellion when I see it. The way she hides her bad habits when people she respects come around makes me wonder what else she's hiding. I hope she doesn't get into too much trouble exploring her boundaries. I think she's a good person."
    "Last I spoke with her, she was showing anxiousness, mood swings, talking about money issues and the like; signs of dependence, if you ask me. I hope now that the town dealer is safely locked away, she has a chance to find some stable ground. She's a bright kid with a bright future."
    "An officer caught her and a young boy in the Crown after hours, inebriated and 'cleaning stools'. Kids being kids, right? Should have been a simple matter of calling up an authority figure, putting the fear into the kids, and letting their parents or whoever give them a stern talking to. Instead, it escalated into threats and insults. Just another sign of how on edge everyone in town is."
    "I checked several times to be sure. The body of Wendy King was taken to the morgue. It’s still there. I’m told she died defeating a demon, which oddly doesn’t surprise me. I always figured her for a clever one, so if anyone was going to be smiting the supernatural I suppose it would be her. I’m also told she came back to life. Honestly, that too is a scenario I’m becoming numb to. There is so much happening that I’m starting to lose a sense of what’s real. I talked to her about it. She didn’t seem like an identical twin pulling off an overly elaborate and unbelievable scheme to assume her sister’s identity. She seemed like the same kid who told my fortune at the Fair. I don’t know about some of the other revivals, my own included, but I pray hers is God’s work. Giving sight to the blind seems like the kind of thing He would do."
    Mister Alvin"A haunted man. I'm not sure what ghosts his past holds, but he seemed willing to face them. I hope he finds his peace, and perhaps lending an ear will help. I think he's a good person."
    "Twice now, I've taken his statement after a scene of him jumping into a dangerous situation. I'm not sure yet if it's a willingness to help that drives him, or if his ghosts are pushing him into life-threatening heroics. Either way, we got a lot in common."
    "He attacked a moose with a handgun. Foolish? Yes. Dangerous? Definitely. Illegal? Very much so. This is starting to lean away from heroics and more towards suicidal. I like the man, and I don't want to see him in trouble for something crazy."
    Cassie and Sarah"My heart goes out to the girls. It doesn't surprise me in the least that they're doing everything in their power to find the missing boy. I just hope they don't get blinded by their mission and run into trouble. I think they're good people.
    "They don't listen to authority, including that of the federal government, and they walk right into dangerous circumstances that would get them brutalized and killed without so much as a second thought. In other words, they're teenagers. Unfortunately, this is not the time to act like a dumb kid. I pray they wise up before the consequences catch up to them."
    "I’m told Cassie has gone missing, spirited away by… well, something I’m not sure I can even understand. It’s no surprise to me that her luck finally ran out, callous as it may sound to say such a thing. I don’t care if I’m facing the evils of man or something far worse. I will do everything in my power to find her. I only wished I still believed I could make a difference."
    Miss Dawson"My grandpa always said 'Never trust a smiling politician, a clean contractor, or a thin cook'. She's a friendly sort and she makes one heck of a good burger. I hope what happened in her cafe doesn't diminish that cheer of hers. I think she's a good person."
    "She's kept a good spirits for all the darkness in this town. I respect that more than almost anything else."
    Mister Snoop"My opinion of the man borders somewhere on appreciation and concern. Reporters can be the bane of any investigation, especially those that fancy themselves detectives in their own right. Still, he's looking for the truth, same as any, and I can respect that. Almost reminds me of my father, in a way. I think he's a good person."
    "Time and again, he's been the focus of negative attention from all sides. He doesn't seem to let that stop him, but I worry greatly about his safety."
    "I was right to worry. Whatever hornet’s nest he stirred up was more than any of us were expecting. Three dead officers, two wounded. Two dead assailants. And two dead civilians, Snoop among them. Bled out in front of me while I yelled myself hoarse into an empty radio. My shirt still has the blood stains. I can’t get them out."
    "My first thought after waking up was that I was in Hell. I remember a bright light as the explosion hit, and next thing I knew I was in the worst pain of my life staring up at a man I watched die. Arina says she brought you back. Back to this madness, this insanity, that you’d been fighting. Are you thankful, I wonder? To be thrust once more into the maelstrom that killed you. Maybe I was right. Maybe we are in Hell."
    Miss Aaliyah"A brilliant young woman who took care of me in the hospital. She has a gift for healing injuries of the body and the soul. It seems a small thing, playing music to a recovering patient, but I didn’t realize how much I needed that moment after having come from such a dark place. She has a relative in the department that’s gone missing. It pains me to think of how helpless we are, and how little comfort I can offer to a gem like her. I think she’s a good person."
    "I didn't understand, at first. She was so upset to have been freed from that creature's control. The Trickster is a murderer. There's no question of that. It may have been but a passing thought away from killing us. It may have forced us through horrific challenges for its own amusement. What possible reason could there have been to be more accepting of that warped reality than our own? I had been prepared for death, and she was angry at us for trying to save her? Still, that doesn't excuse my behavior. Doesn't excuse the hate that built inside me that moment. I refuse to let that sickness be a part of me. I'll find her. I'll apologize. "
    "This poor girl. I had no idea. She's lost her entire family, right down to her pet dog. She's been attacked repeatedly by forces mundane or otherwise, had the feeling of safety and security ripped away. It is little wonder she would prefer a beautiful lie to an ugly truth. I wanted to get to know her, to understand her, and that's what I did. We spoke all night, about anything under the sun. Hopes and dreams and fears. Hours passed and we joked and smiled and laughed. I found a warmth to her that I'd only caught a glimpse of during my hospital stay. I would not hesitate to call her a friend now, and it astounds me how desperately I needed one. The normalcy of that night, the idle meaningless chatter, meant everything to me."
    Mister Briscoe"Pulled him over on a speeding violation, but I didn't get the sense of any malice or recklessness on his part. Let he who is without traffic tickets cast the first stone, heh. I hope the next time we meet is on a less official capacity. I think he's a good person."
    ”Assaulting a man while inside the police station in full view of several officers was not the brightest move I’ve ever seen. I’d characterize him as impulsive and lacking any sort of regard for the consequences of his actions.”
    Doctor Oakley"Can't say I know much about the man, but he was more than eager to step in when I suggested a first aid outreach program. That buys him a lot of respect in my book. I think he's a good person."
    ”Several officers likely owe him their lives after that shootout at the police station. He was there when we needed him.”
    Doctor Schwaiger"She's newer to town than even I am, but already she's shown she has a good head on her shoulders. Not sure I approve of her story of marrying for citizenship, but I guess I shouldn't say much on a life I don't know much about. I think she's a good person."
    Miss Lexi Cole"Haven't really talked to her much on a personal level, but she seemed like a sweet gal. One of these days, I hope we get a chance to chat. I think she's a good person."
    "She is something of a magnet for unfortunate events. Every time I've talked to her has been to take a statement of some kind. She's got a sense of justice to her that's kind of a surprise. I hope she stays safe."
    "I look forward to her every visit to the station. She's a bright light in a dreary day. I just wish I didn't have to be the bearer of bad news so often."
    "A shadow attacked her inside the very station, trying to steal her away right in front of me. I've heard stories that this same thing occurred to the others just before the ordeals. I refuse to let that happen to Lexi. I refuse. Even if it meant the shadow took me, instead. Even if it meant facing torture and death once more. The fate that left me broken will not happen to her. I refuse."
    "She arrived to witness the carnage after spirits and monsters and the deranged broke through our front doors. She helped patch up my injured leg. My soul was not quite so easily seen to. Deranged or maddened or sick, whatever was wrong with those people that attacked us, they were still people. People I killed. I pray the day never comes when I can shrug off the burden of taking another life, but I appreciate her for trying to help me bear it. I'm not sure if the kiss on the cheek was an extension of that, or if she's truly interested in me. Still, a pretty girl kissed me, and if that fails to brighten up my day then I must be dead. Again."
    Mister Campbell"A kindred soul if ever I've met one. I've only met him once, but he left a good impression. I'd say he takes his duties as EMT for the fire department as seriously as I take my own as an officer. I think he's a good person."
    Mister Smirnoff"A transient I encountered during a scene downtown. It sounds like he didn't mean any harm. He's in a rough place in life, likely made a few poor decisions and a run of bad luck. Several nights in a cell might not seem like a kindness, but it'll keep him warm and fed until I can find something better. I think he's a good person."
    Mister Poole"Can't say I'm a fan of his behavior so far. We ought to put his name on one of the cells, just like the Chief has for his office, the way he's in and out of the station so often. He's made mistakes, maybe moreso than others, but that shouldn't be enough for me to dismiss him out of hand. I hope he's a good person."
    The Deceased
    Miss Horvath"A flighty type with an artistic spirit. Gentle folks like her are all too easily trampled, and I pray she doesn't face that fate. Something brings her here, away from family and friends. I hope she finds it. I think she's a good person."
    "I was hoping to get some drawing lessons from her, but I hear she's packing up to leave. I can't say I blame her, with all the craziness in town these days. I wish her all the best."
    "God willing, I'll find her."
    "I failed. Everything I did just wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough. I can’t wrap my head around it. Keeps me up at night, the thought that a good soul like hers was snuffed out but mine wasn’t. I keep thinking that this is all a mistake. Maybe it’s one I can correct. I’ve heard rumors out there. A life for a life is the going rate, right? My soul for hers… well, that’d be a pretty good deal."
    Ronnie Astors"Though I wasn't around for it, I've heard he failed in his duty as an officer. That, by itself, is not damning of his character. The job weighs heavily upon a man, and it's enough to make anyone crack. I'm sure he still has the best interests of the community at heart, and I wish him the best. I think he's a good person."
    "When Maxine first got taken, I found Ronnie organizing townsfolk into a search party, so I know he still has a strong sense of duty. Unfortunately, that is a double-edged sword since we've also found Ronnie interfering with crime scenes. I hope he doesn't get into too much trouble out of recklessness."
    "When the time came to make a choice, he didn’t hesitate to give his life for another."
    Miss Prescott"I never met her in person, but what I've heard is more than a little suspicious. Guess it's too late to hear the story straight from the source. Rest in peace."
    Miss Peyton"Didn't know her. There's a lot I don't know, about that whole situation. Too many questions unanswered. What I do know is, I told her we could keep her safe."

    Photo Album:

    Rob preparing to meet with Chief Steven James Bennett
    "Nervous? No. Excited? Yes!"

    Rob with Firearms & Basic Corrections Training Coordinator James Birt
    "Me and Ol' BRRRRT. Proudest day of my life!"

    Rob Taking a Study Break
    "My grandma warned me not to break too many hearts in college. Sorry, ladies!"

    Rob Playing Baseball in College
    "Good times with the Black Bears. Wish I'd been able to play longer, but those classes hit me hard!"

    Rob's Senior Year School Photo
    "All-American, rocking that school blazer!"
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    This guy looks like the model police officer of the 50s and 60s and I love it.
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    Updated initial first week relationships.
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    love him.
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    A few updates, a few new names. There ought to be more, but life as the law is a hectic lot.
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    Just wanted to pop in and say how much I adore this guy. xoxoxoxo
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    fuck robin larson
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    In the words of (extracted)

    He'd smile, "Oh, of course Miss --------. I think you're a good person."
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    you son of a bitch
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    get out nerd
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    Small update. If I'm missing you, it's probably because you haven't caused a big enough public disturbance yet for Larson to write your name down while taking a statement or putting you behind bars. Get arrested, get noticed.
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    Yeah, I'm sorry:

    Idk what it is about officer Robin, but I really just love this guy.

    Zero shame. Robin will save us all.
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    inb4 he goes tigerblood and hookers turn up in his closet
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    An update in your future, I sense.
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    Fucking hell, I need to stop knowing so many people. This isn't even all of them, but it's all I'm willing to write down for now.

    There's a journal-ish section in the works. Letters home to the grandparents. But it's nowhere near done cause this shit takes so much time that could be better spent doing absolutely anything else.
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    A couple of updates. Maybe if I do one or two small ones a day, I won't have to write a fucking novel.
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    Something for my man Arthur?
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    Jan 2, 2016
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    Where is our update Robin. Where. Is. It.
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