Skye Ventis

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    coming to a fault as she was accused of many crimes by the surviors at the motel and their goverment protectors, the wild woman walked into their compound from her base in unknown locations. fully willing and happy to present her case she was never the less unsurprised when the guards and their leaders went back on their offer of peaceful talks and attempted to cature her.

    the woman knowing very well that she was likely dead form the moment she was told of their views she had strapped two high exsplosive grenades to her chest in a dead man's switch. the vain hope that they would use their heads for a moment failing as the bursts of bullets entered her head. the resulting explosion likely claiming her partner Mark who sat next her as well as the beloved drink bar.

    the iguries and the truths that died upon her toungegone in a rush of noise as the room descended into chaos. this hard event likely teaching the survivors to think a bit more before shooting.

    her thoughts, notes and hopes for the future would be lost in her home, her exspriments and ideas about the infection lost when the botany studant died.

    raised by a single father she was borderline abused by neglect. often left to her own vices and prerogative she never the less maintained a good relationship with her father. he was often away at work and had little time care for much less spend quality time with his daughter, yet for all his faults he deeply loved his child. skye love her father yet was left wanting for companionship, the small town they lived in having few other kids her age.

    quickly taking on the lone nerd role skye would never lose the want of good friends, this was tempered in her teen years were she eventually accepted being on her own. the girl being quite and observing she soon took to the sciences with biology at the forefront. entering college she took a semester in nursing only to quickly switch to evolutionary biology due to her piss poor social skills.

    on a field trip in the wilds, her class encountered an infected group of campers, roughly half of her group died in the first night. cut off from their way back home the group was trapped in the woods. living off the land the group was paralyzed by infighting and slowly died off around her. some weeks later skye entered a nearby city with two others of her group, separated from the others they had fled thinking the rest of the survivors to be dead.

    their small party was soon found by the local survivors, fearing another unknown group being in the area the locals took skye and her group captive. removed of her companions she never saw them again. kept in captivity for some months as she was interrogated and later because of the lack of trust.

    yet her captors were just as disorganized as her initial group, their days numbered. this end came after a few months of captivity, a horde of the infected overrunning the office building they were using as a base. in the chaos of the attack, skye was able to get loose of her cell and escaping, having to kill one of her captors in the process. not stopping to look for her companions she fled into the deep forests, using her skills to live in seclusion.

    for all of her skills for foraging food and making tools she eventually wore down or broke the few amenities of the modern world. at first her tools worn down to be replaced with their pre-history stone implements and her clothes being patched with small hides. she would look very much the wild woman by the time she left the forests in search of new maps, paper, cold weather gear and the weapons she had long been without.
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