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Discussion in 'News' started by Legion, Aug 6, 2018.


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  1. Legion

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    Apr 12, 2017
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    So, now that we have a steam group under our control, we are going to be using the steam curator section. You will see the new area in the forums for just that found here .

    The best thing about this is, we are going to do it as a community review thing. This means, anyone who is a member of these forums and community can post a review about any game on steam to the forums in that section. We will review your review and as long as it seems honest and meets steam standards on not containing a bunch of swears and all that and seems well enough written, we will add it to the AGN curator section. You have the ability to post anon as well in that section. If you don't want people to know it was you writing the review, select that option at the bottom.

    We are doing this for a couple reasons...
    • Because we can
    • To get the AGN name out there
    • To give the community more things to do and let you all feel more a part of a community

    So, submit reviews for any steam game you want. Be sure to say if you approve or disapprove of the game so we know what to put it as in steam. If you already reviewed a game on steam, feel free to post that. Be sure to check and see if we already have a review of a game before you write one though to make things easier.

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