Alive Thais Qorva

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Sep 4, 2018.


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  1. Anonymous

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    Thais Qorva, Abbess of Holy Unmercenaries Orthodox Church (Nun)

    Age: 19

    A 5'2 Greek Ethnic girl with long dark ravenlike hair that easily puffs up in the humidity. Having naturally sun-kissed olive tint to her skin, she appears very healthy and glowing for her youthful age. Staring with dark chocolate eyes, her features are generally masked in smiles and positivism, veiling her fragile attempts to remain sane. Her one valued item that she never parts with is her headscarf, which she wears formally almost everywhere she goes. Not only is it a physical sign of her virtue and faith to God, it keeps her head warm!

    Thais is a righteous and religious Greek Orthodox girl that was panhandling for two years before the Infection attacked. Coming from a wealthy and astute family down in Texas, she was disowned after being caught with another girl in her bedroom. Ashamed of the experience, she ran away and had lived as a credit card thief, preying on wealthy drunk businessmen leaving bars. When the Infection spread, she had made her way into the forests with a group of other survivors. After a swarm of undead swept over them, Thais barely escaped to the streets once more, unknowing of if her friends still survive. Shortly after, Amanda Cooper found her and brought her home to the Red Fox Trading Company.

    Despite her time living in the wild, Thais has embraced her faith more than she ever has in her life. Though a rebellious teen that escaped the conservative grasp of her parents, the madness of the times has caused her to buckle under a strict religious mindset now. Believing she has a new chance for redemption, she’s using her second chance to do good for others.

    Still, her time living on the streets and with more of a criminal element has caused her to think about harsher methods of dealing with others if needed. Granted, she has chosen not to kill once - Not even of the ‘Possessed’, so she calls the infected.

    Status (and goals):
    Having made friends with the Red Fox Trading Company, Thais is spending most of her time with Amanda, Andrew, and David. Though she has spoken to others who are passing through or other members more mysterious to her.

    She hopes to restore the church just south of their compound to become a place of neutrality and common worship.

    She also desires to find out the source of the demonic forces, to seek out the mutants as she has heard about to kill them.

    Amanda Cooper: My first real relationship, close and loved, and yet still struggling to understand it all. Love is a battlefield. No matter what happens, I will care for her and do my best for her happiness.

    David Frederick: A unique man with an unique relationship with me. He's my best friend in many ways and I treasure my time in his presence.

    Andrew Parker: My Brother in every respect. Love comes easy for this soul, his every action seemingly for the family we've created. Truly blessed to know him.

    Rafael Garcia: A curious man that has a strong heart and a fierce need to protect the community he cares about. Confused by him at times, but he's grown on me greatly and I enjoy time together.

    Luna Sanguis: Truly a curiosity in the wasteland, not an easily understood person with a history of complication. However, they do show their care in their actions, and it seems to be rather genuine. I enjoy them.

    David Clarke: One of the Upper-Members of the Mongols that came to live at the NEZ with his baby daughter. Despite my attempts to be more friendly with this man, he seems very against speaking to me. Perhaps because of my religious attire and beliefs. But I do adore his baby and have spent time caring for her.

    Cody Sheppard: One of the soldiers types of the NEZ, but somewhat quiet. I've only learned a little about him, but his heart seems to be quite warm. After having to kill a thief, the man seemed hurt and I comforted him somewhat.

    Serena Evans: Seems a nice person, trying to figure out their place in the community and such. Hoping I can help them feel more comforted.

    Jessica Seelon: Another new member of the NEZ Community and second to have a baby about. It's really a blessing to see so much life about the community. Hopefully I can become better friends and care for the baby sometime.



    Inner Character
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    "She also desires to find out the source of the demonic forces, to seek out the mutants as she has heard about to kill them."

    Good luck.
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  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    After much effort and the combined assistance of Amanda Cooper, David Frederick, Timofei, and many others for their inspirations and items, The Holy Unmercenaries Orthodox Church has been restored just southwest down the Highway from the NEZ, or Red Fox Trading Company.

    The Holy Unmercenaries Orthodox Church
    (Sect of NEZ Community)
    Group synopsis: A throw-back to a real-life Byzantine group that assisted people without cost, Members of this modern age Orthodox collective strive to praise God by submitting themselves to the service of others in the Lord's example. Self-sacrifice, feeding the hungry, and smiting the Devils that have risen against the Faithful and those survivors who have not found God.

    "These days, the Revelations have spoken true, and the Damned have taken purchase of this world. But The Word says that it does not last - It says that the Devil fails and that the Righteous take hold of the world once more, having beaten back the Darkness that had reigned for their short period. Have Faith and embrace the Lord, Jesus Christ, for He loves you and His burden is light. Know him and truly be saved."
    -Abbess Thais Qorva

    Sub-Faction Ranks:

    Abbess: Mother of the Church, fixture in service and ceremony. Oversees all Church-related activity, installs new Deacons, serves in ceremony for Baptism and Catechism, as well as listens to Confession.
    Thais Qorva

    Deacon: Male Leaders of the Faith, servants to all in the religious community and beyond. Works for the betterment of All's Souls in their every action. Provides Conversion, Baptism, Confession. Authority just after the Abbess of Church-Activity and Ceremony. Generally stays nearby the Church.

    Missionary: Traveling servants of God, must work for a better tomorrow for All God's Children, as well as convert others to Faith in their respective far-off bases.
    Andrew Parks

    Catechumen: Studying the Faith and God in order to join the community. A quickened process so that members may reach God no matter how much effort they put in.

    Good Samaritan: NonOrthodox that the Faithful pray for nonetheless their approach to God. Trusted members of the Church.
    Amanda Cooper
    David Frederick
    Luna Sanguis
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  4. Anonymous

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  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    By all means, become my crusader against the Devil ;D

    “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour”
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Added just a bit more info and a song of Byzantine Chant, so others can get an idea of her Faith and her version of praying. (Chanting)

    Enjoy :)
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Baptized Andrew Parks today in the River near the Church - He became a full Orthodox member of the Church, a Missionary to live by example for others. Added music for Inner Character.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Updated relationships.
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