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    Representing over a decade of skilled investigative experience, Thomas Foley Private Investigations knows how to conduct revealing interviews, dig into obscure records, gather and present the facts to help you make an informed and proper decision.

    Our extensive private investigator experience and expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:

    Background Investigations • Child Custody Investigations • Civil Investigations

    Corporate Theft Investigations • Covert Undercover Investigations

    Criminal Investigations • Domestic Investigations • Due Diligence Investigations

    Executive Background Checks • Fraud Investigations • Missing Persons Investigations

    Nursing Home Abuse or Theft Investigations • Personal Injury Investigations • Pre-employment Investigations

    Surveillance • Trial Preparation • Workers Compensation Investigations

    Workers Compensation Surveillance

    For criminal matters, we can working with or separate of the police depending on the wishes of the client.

    For a free consolation, stop by our location.

    Location: X-978, Y-1548