Thomas "Tommy" Parish

Discussion in 'Character Biographies' started by Anonymous, Apr 10, 2019.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Thomas Parish
    Biographical Information
    Previous OccupationHigh School Student
    Hair ColorRed
    Body TypeGaunt
    Bridge Group
    Other MembersDanh Loi
    Don Jones
    Lexi Cole
    Mark D'Angelo
    Tyler Aaron
    Victoria Dahlia



    Tom traveled with his parents with the migrant caravan head southbound on Route 31W. There he met Victoria Dahlia. After the massacre at Route 1934 and 31W junction Thomas had lost his parents in the chaos, the only one left being himself and Victoria. The two decided to travel together. After escaping the chaos the two met up with Don Jones and as a group continued to head for Valley Station. The three came to the agreement to head toward Valley Station Mall in hopes of shelter and protection. Along the way, they met Lexi Cole, Mark D'Angelo, and Tyler Aaron at a gas station. Then later on Danh Loi at the bridge.

    Thomas is a very quiet and anxious person. He seems to lack any and all social etiquette and mannerisms as he barely says anything other than the occasional awkward attempt at humor. The boy responds kindly to those of an amicable disposition, any and all who threaten or intimidate Tommy he may purposefully avoid or steer away from.

    Tommy stands at 5'10'', though one who meets him could never guess. When nervous, he'd slip into a hunched position. Appearing closer to 5'8''. Looking at him, the boy can't be over 130 pounds. His thin frame and wiry limbs giving him an almost skeletal figure. Acne dots around his face sparsely adding to his teen like demeanor. It's evident that Thomas must be somewhere along in high school and is rather young.


    "With the rest of them."

    "Hope he's alright."

    "Left like the others."

    Danh Loi
    "He's-- well blind."

    Don Jones
    "Don't know what I'd do without him."


    "Sorry about your uh, gun."

    Lexi Cole
    "At least you're here still."

    "You-.. I think you care, sometimes at least."

    "Gone already."

    Tyler Aaron
    "We uh, we don't talk much."

    Victoria Dahlia
    "You're right, above all else."
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    In case I get bored
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    Just let me know who I missed.
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    delilah and esther to tommy when they saw a ginger for the first time