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    Hello players, to better serve the players, I have updated the Support Tickets System by adding a few more categories.

    1. Bug Report: This is for reporting bugs in the server.
    2. Heal Request: This is for request a heal or rez.
    3. Lore Information Request: This is to request something for the lore. Looking to do a specific event and need help? Trying to gather some information from NPC's? Trying to do research from RP? This would be used.
    4. OOC Character Complaint: Player Violation Rule Complaints
    5. Staff Complaints: Only visible by head admin and owners
    6. Starter Kit Item Request: If you need your starter kit, use this ticket.
    7. Website Support: Issues with the website/forums should go here.

    Aside from this - any CURRENT tickets have been accidentally - mislocated, so if you have an outstanding ticket PLEASE resubmit.