Timofei Sokolov, First Engineer of the Obschiy Korabl

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    With Timofei dead, so goes the last survivor of the damned Russian crew of the R.F.S Obshchiy Korabl', And one more member of pathfinder.

    Shot at, Clawed at, The man survived so much hardship, Until he exited the gates to buy time for the others, perhaps at the behest of some kind of secret death wish that harbored inside, ever since the slaughter of so many friends that fateful day ago, Or perhaps the bomb that was planted in his head many months ago, started to fall apart inside his skull, damaging and decaying parts of his brain as he fought on. Who knows, only that the man lies a charred corpse, robbed of all its things before it even went cold.

    The mans body and mind was warped as the Infection set in, causing reality to be distorted as the mans body was brought back to life, Seeing all as a pervert abomination that he himself had become, a cruel irony if there ever was one.

    May the Lord have mercy on his soul, And welcome him with open arms.

    He leaves a legacy of scattered Notes, Leaflets and Books throughout Fairview & Port Falmouth, likely the only relics pertaining to his existence and the hell he went through, Aside from the memory's he leaves behind, And the barely functioning wreck of the U.S.S Dolphin.

    His last thoughts, Was if his sacrifice would save others against these new super infected, Who seemed much more deadly than anything they faced.

    "LONG...LIVE...MAN!" Last words of the Timo-Thing, Screamed to the heavens as he burned to death.

    Infected: 4,000+
    Human: Thomas
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    You didnt use my photo I specifically made for you?!?! Nani?!?!
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    Probably my favorite character played by you thus-far. Timofei was awesome. - MG
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    With love, from MindGate
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    What can I say...A good song...
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