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    Tom Spencer[/infoboxheader]
    Full Name:Tom Spencer
    Weight:169 lbs
    Blood Type:O+

    To be released upon death / retirement to avoid meta


    Tom is a tall man, standing at a whopping 6'4". For his height, he has a slim build - weighing in at just over 165 lbs. His muscles have some definition and his hands are calloused indicating a familiarity with manual labor. The man speaks with a distinctive Southern drawl not typically found in the Pacific Northwest. He has a very friendly and approachable demeanor with kind eyes and an infectious smile. His full beard makes him look a couple years older than he is.

    Tom wears a decent looking Timex watch on his left wrist and a pink rubber wristband on his right. The man is often seen wearing a pair of boots that look like they were at one time relatively pricey, but have been worn down from years of use. He wears a wedding band.

    Whenever it's permissible, he is seen with his German Shepherd Bud by his side. He seems to be very close to the dog.


    Tom is a gregarious man and a charming conversationalist. He seems to have no difficulty making friends and is generally an enjoyable person to be around. While he values having occasional time to himself to decompress, he seems to like being in the company of others. As an attentive listener and a way of speech that makes you feel like there's nowhere he'd rather be than speaking to you, others seem to have a tendency to consider the man a friend.

    He's a tough guy, but the kind of tough guy who doesn't feel the need to go around showing how tough he is. He's ended more than one brewing bar fight by simply lowering his voice an octave and telling people to cut it out. He exhibits a sense of confidence and seems to be sure of himself.

    Bud Spencer


    Tom's loyal companion is very well trained. He seems to know a lot of tricks and commands, both those that'd be practical and others that seem to be little more than parlor tricks. The dog clearly has unconditional love for Tom, and the feeling seems to be mutual for his owner. The canine is often seen with a sporty bandana around his neck.

    That said, the dog seems to be a bit more reserved than his owner and doesn't have a tendency to be overly affectionate to others or even particularly love unwarranted attention. He tolerates it all the same.

    It seems that Bud really is Tom's best friend and the man seems to get a great deal of satisfaction from the dog.

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    Not doing relationships on Tom just due to the sheer amount of people he knows. Once shit hits the fan, if he ends up in a smaller group, I may do them. But since he knows most everyone on the server right now, it's just too much to manage. For the most part, just assume he likes you and enjoys having you come by Frankie's! Unless you hit him over the face with a bottle, in which case he thinks you're just alright.
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