Vol, 1. | Issue #12 "The Road Ahead"

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Slowly, the toxic mist that has hung over the Deadzone has begun to dissipate. It won’t be long before an opportunity to enter the area is revealed.

    6/2/18 (Saturday) 8PM EST

    (This event is directed mainly towards the Pathfinder group in order to finish this story arc up. If your character is still inside of the quarantine, you will be offered a teleport to Pathfinder. Keep in mind that even if you haven’t been “active”, this event is still able to be participated in, and we highly encourage that you do!)
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  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest


    The survivors of Pathfinder have concluded their mission inside of the Deadzone.


    After a short journey through the seemingly abandoned wasteland that was once King's Mill, Pathfinder found their target within what was left of a small commercial area.


    In order to navigate towards where the super-infected had been detected ...


    Through back lots and crumbling structures ...



    They went ...



    Until ultimately, they came across a familiar horror ...


    ... and a brand new one, as well.
    Thank you to all who participated!
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