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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    "The end of the road is in sight."

    Pathfinder's objective has nearly been completed.
    A cure to the infection is being developed.

    There isn't any reason for the survivors to remain inside of the Illinois Quarantine--it's only a matter of time before everyone is taken back to safety ... right?

    6/9/18 (Saturday) 8PM EST


    (This is the FINAL EVENT for this chapter of the lore, "The Road Ahead". Once this has concluded, we will be working on the "soft restart" for the lore, which will bring forward a whole host of changes to the server. A post for the upcoming changes will be made in the next few days. We highly encourage that everyone tries to make this event if possible, as it will lead your character into the next chapter of the lore!)

    Do note that if you're unable to attend, your character will not be "deleted" or "lost". You will still be able to continue playing the same character in the next chapter as normal!
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