[VOL, 5. | ISSUE #25] The One Where They All Died, Pt. 2

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    AGN's The Road Ahead
    Volume Five: Redline
    Issue #25: The One Where They All Died, Part II

    Event Description:
    As decisions are made concerning the fate of Chicago, Fairhaven and Port Falmouth survivors face the underlying nature of the reality they've found themselves in. While monsters of the past are truly dead, questions about humanity's place in the current world are raised. While the Hive Mind's assault on Chicago is indeed physical, another level of its malevolence has been elusive until the clock's most critical hour--until now, that is.
    Event Date:
    Wednesday night, December 12 - Friday night, December 15

    Event Time:

    Other Information:
    Soon to come. Campfire Stories to be uploaded soon in another section.
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