What We Become: Season 2 Announcement + Details

Discussion in 'News' started by a rabbit, May 27, 2019.

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  1. a rabbit

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    Jul 1, 2015
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    Hello everyone!

    With season 1 of What We Become having come to an end, season 2’s opening is just around the corner. There are a few important things that will be occurring as this season transition takes place, with the most important one being the time skip that we will be introducing. The time skips are a feature that we had previously talked about introducing this lore, where blocks of time would be set to pass (usually after a major event such as a season finale, but not always) to allow for players to experience playing their characters during time periods in the apocalypse that lores rarely last long enough to see. How this time skip will take place as well as other features this season transition will be introducing are detailed below.

    • There will be a three month time skip moving forward into season 2. We’re aware that this isn’t an especially long amount of time, but we feel that it is important to begin the process with a skip that isn’t so long that it might be jarring to you all (seeing as this has not yet been done before) while simultaneous not seeming like an arbitrary amount of time to skip over.
    • The server will be down until June 1st (this Saturday). This gives us time to prepare what we need to prepare on our end, as well as allow players to get their character applications finished before the next season opening event. The exact time that the server will open up will be announced later this week, but expect it to be in the evening (in terms of EST) as is standard.
    • The group randomizer is back again! Those applying with new characters are encouraged to opt-in to the randomizer to get grouped with new players and characters for the upcoming season.
    • Those already in groups are welcome to roleplay in their established group discord servers as was done before the lore launch. Details on how this will be done (the time it takes for continuity’s sake, etc.) will be brought up in the servers themselves.
    Feel free to ask if you have any specific questions. We look forward to seeing how this time skip and the rest of season 2 pan out! See you soon!
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